Classes and Other Training     
Dr. Felser occasionally offers dog training classes, ranging from Basic Obedience to Advanced Off-leash, depending on demand. A group class just for puppies is offered from time to time. Private training to address specific behavioral problems or puppy issues can also be arranged.
Classes and other training are all designed with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for dogs and their owners.  In classes, from puppy to advanced, the emphasis is to help owners  teach their dogs the basics--sit, down, stay, how to walk nicely on-leash, and the all-important recall (come!)--in a way that results in prompt, consistent obedience with a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Group classes provide healthy socialization opportunities for all dogs, as well as the chance for trainers and dogs to develop and practice their skills around distractions.
For more information, including the current class schedule and costs, please call the office at 575-758-4229.