Policies and Procedures

1. VACCINATIONS—Core vaccinations are required to be current. We accept that older animals may not require vaccinations, but highly recommend Bordetella even for older dogs.

Dogs—DA2PP, RABIES, and BORDETELLA (within 6 months of boarding) are required.

Cats—FVRCP and RABIES are required.

We can provide some vaccinations if you are unable to schedule them at your veterinarian’s office.

NOTE: If your cat/dog arrives at the kennel with fleas and/or ticks, we will apply a dose of topical Frontline, which will be charged to your account.

2. MEDICATIONS—We will administer medications, including insulin, as prescribed by your veterinarian and provided by you, at no additional charge.

3. FOOD—We will feed food provided by owner. Please bring a supply of your pet’s usual food, as it is best not to change diets when a pet is feeling the stress of being away from home. We feed twice daily unless otherwise directed by owner, and cats will have dry food available all day unless they are diabetic or otherwise directed by owner.

4. EXERCISE—Dogs are put out into 1/4 acre outdoor yard 2–3x daily and in evening, weather permitting. Dogs will be allowed to intermingle in the yard unless you tell us your dog does not play well with others or we see interdog aggression issues. Cats will remain in their large condo cages, located in the house separate from the dog kennel.

5. BEDDING—Blankets/bedding are provided for each pet. We prefer not to have bedding that you bring from home in the kennel, due to concerns about parasites and cleaning issues. If a dog is found to be chewing bedding, it be will withheld to prevent gastrointestinal issues.  Thick pads/beds can be provided for older dogs.

6. INJURY/ILLNESS—If your dog/cat is injured or becomes ill while staying at Taos Canyon Kennel, we will take the animal to your veterinarian as specified on the intake sheet. Depending on the nature of the illness/injury, it may be possible to perform treatment here at the kennel if so authorized by you, the owner. Susanne R Felser VMD, a licensed veterinarian and the kennel owner, will perform any treatments at the kennel.

7. FEES—Dogs = $30.00/dog/night ($25/night second dog if housed together). 

               $20.00/dog/day for daycare AND boarders picked up after 12:00 p.m.

                             $25.00 - $38.00 for bath/nails, time permitting

                 Cats =  $25.00/cat/night + $10.00 if picked up after 12:00 p.m.


Note also that diabetic patients may require blood glucose testing while boarding; if so, there will be a charge of $5.00 per test.

8. PAYMENT—We accept cash/check only, at time of pick-up. No credit cards.                         Checks should be made payable to S Rachel Felser PC.